By: Maddy Lee Ann

One of my favorite go to make up looks is simple and natural. I know many of you have seen this natural makeup look trending on plenty of celebs’ faces and it is an amazing look. It’s the simple, gorgeous, and glowing skin look that you absolutely need to learn for this summer. If you are thinking there is no way you can do it, you are wrong! This look is easier to accomplish than you think, and by using the products below, you could have this routine down pat in under 10 minutes! Here are some easy step by step instructions to get my favorite look!

  1. I always start with a moisturizer and I suggest getting one that has some sunscreen. It is important to protect your skin.
  2. After you have moisturized your skin you are ready to do your eyes. I start with a simple nude color from the RockStar palette. I apply this to the entire eyelid.
  3. Then, I use a light brown from the Rockstar palette and apply it to the outside corners of my eyes.
  4. Next, I put a light pink color on the outside corners of my eye to add a pop of color.
  5. Next, I take the You’re Glowing highlight and apply it on the inside corners of my eyes.
  6. After you are done with the eyeshadows you can put on some mascara. Make sure you do both the top lashes and bottom lashes.
  7. The last step to complete this look is your lips. During the summer I like to have a nice gloss, I use the GirlsRock clear gloss. This gloss stays on nicely and completes any summer look.

These seven easy steps are all you need to get the perfect summer look. If you want to add an extra sparkle to your face you can use some highlight on your cheeks and nose to get a cute summer glow. This look is perfect for the beach or a pool day. It is also great for going out to lunch or even a dinner. You can add more of the eyeshadow colors to make it look bolder or use just a little to have a neutral look. Makeup is something that doesn’t come easy to some people, but with a little practice this look will be perfect for your everyday makeup.