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Back to School Makeup Essentials

School is just around the corner and we all have to be prepared for this next school year. I am going to tell y’all my morning makeup routine then some things you need to keep in your bag.

My morning makeup routine is really simple.

  1. I start off and put moisturizer on my face.
  2. I put concealer under my eyes.
  3. I use BB cream all over my face. I like this better than foundation because it is light weight.
  4. I put powder on my face and the I put on blush and highlight. I recommend using the Your Glowing highlight.
  5. For my eyes I start off by using a nude color all over my eye lids. Then I add a pinky brown color on the outside corners. Next I use some of the Your Glowing highlight in the inside corners of my eyes. To finish off my look I add some mascara and I am done.This is super easy and it’s a great everyday look.

Backpack Makeup Essentials

I bring some makeup to school everyday so after gym class or dance class I can touch up my makeup.

  1. I always bring powder. I find this is really important because throughout the day I don’t want my skin to look shiny and oily.
  2. I bring an eyelash curler and mascara. I have small eye lashes so if I curl them and add a small coat of mascara they look good all day.
  3. I keep a mini eyeshadow palette to fix my eye shadow if some comes off. There is going to be a mini pallet coming soon so make sure you get one when it is released. They are really handy when you need some eyeshadow on the go!
  4. Last I always have a clear lipgloss to touch up my lips throughout the day.

I hope this gave y’all some ideas for how to do your makeup and what to bring to school for the upcoming school year.

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